Windows 11 Pro -Grab the Opportunity of a  Price Drop

Windows 11 Pro -Grab the Opportunity of a $25 Price Drop

With the recent price drop of Windows 11 Pro by $25, grab the deal that is becoming very popular among users. With the upgrade, you will get additional security features and enhanced performance.

Why is Upgrading Your PC Important?

If you keep your operating system updated, it helps in a long way. It ensures superior performance, whether it is better time management, productivity, or team management. As such, it makes sense to upgrade your system at the right time and save some of your hard-earned cash. More about Windows 11 Pro in the paragraphs that follow.

Having introduced the offer, you can now get the Microsoft Windows 11 Pro license for a lifetime at just $25 through Stack Social. And this amounts to about 87% off.

Is There a Caveat?

Although Stack Social is Microsoft’s authorized partner and now offers a lifetime deal and access to Windows 11, Microsoft will likely stop the license. It may be recalled that Stack Social also provides Microsoft Office as a product. Since the deal related to Windows 11 Pro has been in the market for quite some time, it has earned positive feedback.

What about the Customers of Refurbished Computers?

If you are using a refurbished computer and an outdated OS, the exclusive features, updates, and applications of the new version are a much-needed upgrade, especially for those using Windows 10. However, the ones using Windows 10 will not receive any updates, but those who install the new version will be able to upgrade whenever a new version is available.

What Do the Security Features of Windows 11 Pro include?

The features of the new version about security include the likes of-

  • Advanced BitLocker Encryption. This feature will safeguard your valuable data and render it unreadable and unrecognizable to anyone who is not supposed to access it.
  • Windows Information Protection. This feature will let you segregate work data and personal data.

Regarding individual managers and contractors with teams deployed globally, users can enjoy additional admin capabilities by installing Windows 11 Pro. How does this feature work? The group policy management settings present will allow admins to articulate policies and implement them. Aside from this feature, it also has an additional feature known as virtualization technology. This inclusion will enable you to run many operating systems simultaneously and from a single computer.

With Windows 11 Pro, the available built-in functionalities will make it easier for you to operate. You can foster productivity, customize your desktop, organize your desktop, activate the accessibility settings, and do much more with the new upgrade.

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