Top 22MM Push Button Switches from APIELE

Top 22MM Push Button Switches from APIELE

Push button switches come in different sizes, tailored to cater for different application demands. The diameter is the most crucial consideration if you are looking to purchase push-button switches. The 22mm is ideal for automation applications like control panels, conveyors, machining, etc.

APIELE is a leading developer of a wide range of push button switches with varying colors, which makes identification according to purpose easier. We provide illuminated and non-illuminated 22mm push buttons, which are ideal for limited space applications. The visual appeal of our push buttons is another added advantage. In this write up, we aim to focus on the best 22mm push button switches from APIELE. Read on!

If you are looking for outstanding durability, this device is a great choice. The stainless-steel material allows an extended lifespan, while its IP65 protection guarantees you won’t have to worry about damage from dirt or water. Additionally, it comes with a ring LED button and is very user friendly thanks to the NC NO configuration. All you have to do is to apply pressure to keep it on and release it to switch off.

Some other interesting features that enhance its suitability are the 100,000 hours LED ring and the splash resistant rubber ring. That said, you should avoid immersing the rubber ring so its triggering effect is not affected. The terminal pin comes in handy in high current applications, and you can expect 500,000 electrical and 2,000,000 mechanical cycles.

This latching push button is suitable if you are working with a 22mm hole size. Its operation is as easy as pressing to turn and keep on and releasing to turn off. Basically, it uses a NO NC configuration, which means it stays on until you switch it off. This model comes with a 100,000 hours LED ring that will serve your application needs for a significant amount of time.

The IP65 protection allows for moisture and dusty applications and it comes with an O-ring which you should keep away from inside water. Additionally, you can use the push button’s terminal pin in high-current.

This momentary push button is all about aesthetics and great functionality. It features an elegant mushroom head and is made of sturdy aluminum which enhances its durability and lightweight nature. The operation involves applying pressure for one action and releasing it off.  The best part about this device is that you do not need any professional skills for the installation.


The search for the most suitable 22mm push button switch can be a headache. Nevertheless, we hope that the options we have listed will simplify your search process. You do not have to feel overwhelmed by all the colors, as with basic information on their color coding you will be able to understand the function. APIELE develops and provides top quality 22mm push buttons for different industries and businesses. Contact or email us today for a prompt quote.

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