How an HR Director Saves Time Onboarding New Hires with a UKG Integration?

How an HR Director Saves Time Onboarding New Hires with a UKG Integration?

 By Yan Courtois

Integrating Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with UKG streamlines hiring processes by seamlessly syncing job and new hire data between the two platforms. Job and newly hired details merge and create a harmonious hiring canvas, painting a clearer picture for your team. To illustrate how a Senior HR Director saves time facilitating and onboarding new hires with a smooth UKG integration, let’s picture how an enterprise-sized cloud communication company unlocked more time and enhanced efficiency by erasing the need for manual double data entry by its HR team.

The Challenge: Creating a UKG Integration to Meet Unique Requirements

To meet the unique requirements of the UKG integration, the cloud communication company needed an integration that could adapt to custom fields, international hiring requirements, and the specific demands of their strict SOX-compliant new hire approval process. Before the UKG integration by Flexspring, the HRIS team typically spent too much time manually entering data twice, which was tedious, mind-numbing, and time-consuming.

The Transformation: ATS Integration with UKG

The Senior HR Director turned to the HR data integration experts at Flexspring for an integration that would save HR professionals time with job descriptions onboarding new hires. Thanks to Flexspring’s ATS to UKG new hire integration, previously a 10-15 minute endeavor, it now takes two minutes to navigate the company’s SOX-compliant approval process. To meet the company’s needs, Flexspring’s team created an integration that bid farewell to manual double data entry—a relief warmly welcomed by the HR team. The integration liberated bandwidth and empowered the company to revamp HR processes and seek efficiencies elsewhere.

The Integration Included:

  • Foundational Data from UKG to ATS

This specialized integration transferred essential data sets from UKG to ATS. Specifically, job descriptions from UKG to departments in the ATS, structures in UKG to offices in ATS, custom fields, and users. As a sizable publicly traded corporation with numerous departments and users, the automated transfer of foundational data from UKG to ATS is a significant time-saving measure. For example, in 2020, this cloud communications company automatically processed over 1,600 user updates (giving access, updating information, or removing access) whenever modifications were made within their company using UKG.

  • New Hires from ATS to UKG

When the HR manager presses the new hire button in ATS, the data flows from ATS to UKG by changing the value of a custom field to “ready for processing.” A distinctive aspect of the custom integration by this cloud communication company is its capability to automatically bring in new hires marked as “ready for processing” from the ATS to UKG as pending hires. This step precedes the final commitment of the employee and aligns with the public company’s SOX-compliant approval process.

The Results: A Heroic Solution to a Complex Problem

Through the innovative problem-solving prowess of the Senior HR Director, the UKG integration triumphantly abolished tedious manual double-data entry, forging a seamless connection between applications. Not only did this integration eradicate the peril of errors stemming from human input, but the new operational workflow also heralded an era of enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

The ATS to UKG new hire integration by Flexspring has taken what was a 10-15 minute process and turned it into two minutes (for our SOX-compliant approval

process),” said the Senior HR Director. “We’ve eliminated manual double data entry, which our HRIS team was thrilled to give up. This integration freed us to focus on redesigning HR processes and finding efficiencies in other areas of work, rather than spending our time on manual tasks.”

Conclusion: A Major Time Saver

The remarkable features of this integration between the enterprise-sized cloud communication company and Flexspring showcase how a custom integration can save HR professionals time onboarding new hires. New hire data from the ATS triggers data sharing with UKG. UKG integration is a significant time saver as data can be shared automatically between your ATS and Core HR system, avoiding manual double-data entry. Flexspring’s integration also works with both custom fields and international hires.

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