HP Victus: The Perfect Entry-Level Gaming Laptop for You

HP Victus: The Perfect Entry-Level Gaming Laptop for You

HP gaming laptops are nothing new because the Omen and Pavilion laptops have been well-known names among mainstream gaming lineups for many years. The latest addition to the list is the HP Victus. It was launched in 2021, which caters to entry-level gamers looking for mid-tier performance with the option of choosing from various configurations. It all began with the launch of the Victus 15 in 2021, followed by the Victus 16 in 2022, powered by Intel 11th Gen CPU. To attract a larger section of gamers looking for a budget-friendly device, HP packed some compelling features and specifications in the Victus 16 at a very reasonable price. However, the specifications might need to meet users’ expectations regarding real-world performance.

The Range of HP Victus

As several configurations of each model of the Victus gaming laptops and HP has successively introduced new models in 2021 and 2022, it might be confusing to decide which model to buy right now. As every new model or its iteration comes with some technological upgrade, it is logical to adhere to the latest model. Accordingly, as we enter 2024, HP’s most preferred budget gaming laptop is the Victus 16, which comes in more than seven variants, of which four are the most dominant.

The basic and cheapest model of the Victus 16 lineup comes with 8GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, 60 Hz refresh rate. It is powered by AMD Ryzen 5, 5600H processor together with NVIDIA GTX 1650 graphics card or 4GB AND Radeon RX5500M.

The specifications are the same as those of the Victus16-e0075AX, but the GPU RTX 3050 (4GB) is more powerful.

The specifications of this model consist of 8GB RAM, 512 GB SSD powered by an Intel i5-11400H processor, a 4 GB RTX 3050 graphics card, and a 16-inch display with a 144 Hz refresh rate.

HP maintains the exact specifications for this variant but packs a more powerful GPU, 6GB RTX 3060, for a better gaming experience through improved visuals.

All the models have the same understated design but with a Mica Silver or Performance Blue finish and weigh about 2.48 kg. The matte plastic finish feels pleasing to the touch. The laptops in the Victus range come with a 16.1-inch display and a nicely spread keyboard and trackpad preloaded with Windows 11 and multiple HP tools and utilities. In addition, you will get Express VPN and Bang and Olufsen audio control.

The Omen DNA Flows through the Victus

The HP Victus range of gaming laptops has the DNA of the powerful Omen range that dominated the gaming landscape along with the Pavilion for many years and holds high appeal for enthusiast explorers and veteran gamers. All models have a pre-installed Omen Gaming Hub and other features like performance mode, undervolting, system vitals, and network booster.

Notable Features

The display with a refresh rate of 144 Hz is perfect for AAA gaming, with 300 nits Eyesafe 184 low-blue light choices.

The Victus laptops have an efficient heat pipe-based cooling system with a bigger fan, longer fin length, and five-way airflow, enhancing thermal efficiency.

The internal features, such as performance mode, undervolting, system vitals, and network booster, together with the Omen Gaming Hub, ensure a sublime gaming experience. Easy access to other features such as the Omen Oasis Beta, Coaching, and rewards elevate the gaming experience in different ways and make it more entertaining.

The Same Old Battery

Despite several improvements and upgrades in the Victus 16, the battery remains the same as that of the Victus 15. HP decided to stick to the 70 Whr batteries in the Victus 16 due to the efficient AMD CPU. The battery can provide decent support by ensuring 5-6 hours of life on a single charge during regular workloads, while for gaming, the battery lasts about two hours.

Although the Victus 16 might appear like old wine in a new bottle, which is partly true, there is no doubt that it takes forward the HP Victus legacy quite efficiently.

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