Salesforce Industry Trends 2024 and the Exciting Future of CRM

Salesforce Industry Trends 2024 and the Exciting Future of CRM

In the realm of global CRM services, Salesforce has stood as a trailblazer for over two decades, consistently innovating to streamline business operations and introduce cutting-edge solutions for managing extensive data. Despite surpassing customer expectations year after year, the year 2023 witnessed exciting innovations, and the anticipation is that 2024 is poised to be even more impactful. As we delve into the Salesforce Industry Trends for 2024, the stage is set for continued excellence and groundbreaking advancements in customer relationship management. Stay tuned for what promises to be a year of transformative innovations and industry-leading solutions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Enhanced Customer Service

Recent research indicates a substantial increase, from 20% in 2020 to 45% presently, in decision-makers utilizing AI. This underscores the growing recognition of AI as a vital element in improving customer service. Salesforce plans to leverage AI to optimize customer service experiences in 2024, aiming to engage over 50% of decision-makers yet to embrace AI.

Acknowledging reservations about AI’s effectiveness, Salesforce is committed to overcoming these concerns. The company has introduced Service Cloud Unlimited+, an exclusive service elevating customer service through AI. Some benefits include:

  • Robust Generative and Predictive AI
  • Slack Integration for Enhanced Team Collaboration
  • Utilize Data Cloud and Tableau Analytics to integrate data and channels
  • AI-powered Chatbots
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Customizable Dashboards for Seamless Tracking
  • Improved Knowledge Base
  • Workflow Automation
  • Self-service Help Center

Augmented Reality (AR)

While Augmented Reality is not a novel concept, Salesforce aims to maximize its potential in 2024. The integration of AR functionalities will enable dynamic product demonstrations, immersive user experiences, and a reinvented approach to customer engagement. Businesses embracing AR within Salesforce can unlock new dimensions of customer support, leading to heightened satisfaction levels.

Voice-Activated CRM

The rise of voice-activated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions is transforming the Salesforce landscape. Users can seamlessly manage tasks, access data, and make updates using simple voice commands. This trend not only enhances productivity but also makes CRM functionalities easily accessible on the go, revolutionizing the workflow for field-based sales professionals.

Greater Integration with Third-party Tools

Salesforce anticipates a significant increase in the integration of third-party tools, building upon the existing feature. By 2024, Salesforce plans to expand its current offerings by integrating more seamlessly with various useful tools. Sales and Services Cloud are actively working towards incorporating different integrations for third-party tools, including enterprise resource planning, marketing automation, and warehouse management.

Data Privacy and Security

Addressing the alarming frequency of cyber attacks, Salesforce incorporates robust Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) security measures into its latest CRM trends. With daily cyber attacks averaging 2200 occurrences every 39 seconds, data privacy and security become paramount. Salesforce’s substantial investments align with industry standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2, offering customers a three-tiered storage structure and features such as two-factor authentication, encryption, and comprehensive security analysis. In this ever-evolving landscape, Salesforce continues to prioritize the protection of user data and the integrity of its CRM platform.

Mobile-first Experiences

In response to the surging prevalence of mobile usage, Salesforce is set to revolutionize mobile functionalities. The company aims to provide cutting-edge apps and tools, ensuring seamless interactions between businesses and on-the-go customers. Prioritizing a user-centric approach, Salesforce strives to exceed expectations by creating a mobile-first environment that fosters effortless engagements. This commitment reflects the platform’s dedication to staying ahead in the evolving mobile technology landscape. By optimizing mobile offerings, Salesforce empowers businesses to cater to the dynamic needs of an increasingly mobile-centric audience, shaping a future where mobile-first experiences redefine digital engagements.

Smoother Salesforce App Development

In 2024, Salesforce aims to simplify no-code and low-code app development, granting businesses enhanced ease and flexibility. This initiative will empower businesses to create user-friendly apps without extensive budgets or technical expertise, improving the quality and innovation in upcoming development updates for a more efficient and cost-effective app development process.

Increased Emphasis on IoT:

Businesses are recognizing the growing importance of fully utilizing IoT tools. In 2024, Salesforce will intensify its efforts in the realm of IoT devices, ensuring seamless integration into the Salesforce platform.

Through the adoption of Salesforce IoT for the creation of personalized chatbots and enhanced services, companies can achieve substantial reductions in operational costs and streamline their service automation. Salesforce’s ongoing work on IoT Cloud signals an expansion of business capabilities expected to materialize in 2024.


Salesforce stands as a growing cloud platform that facilitates the achievement of business objectives. Many companies offer cost-effective Salesforce consulting services, orchestrating exceptional customer experiences using the platform’s capabilities. This article explores the upcoming Salesforce Industry trends for 2024.

For those contemplating Salesforce strategy and implementation as a dynamic business asset, it is advisable to engage with a proficient Salesforce implementation partner. A dedicated team of certified Salesforce experts will work closely with you, shaping and executing an impactful solution customized to meet your unique requirements.

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