Craigslist Los Angeles – How Does It Help You? 

Craigslist Los Angeles – How Does It Help You? 

Craigslist is a privately held company in America. It operates classified advertisement websites. The website has sections devoted to items like items wanted, sales, housing, jobs, resumes, discussion forums, gigs, and community service. Let us find out more about Craigslist Los Angeles. 

Who is the founder of Craigslist?

Craig Newmark started offering the service in 1995. The first service it provided was an email distribution list to friends as well, and it used to feature the events that took place locally in the San Francisco Bay Area. The services became web-based in 1996 when they were also diversified into classified categories. It diversified to other states in the United States and Canadian cities in 2000. Presently, there are over 70 countries.

Craigslist Los Angeles

If you want to avail of Craigslist Los Angeles services, you must have an account. You must sign up and then post any ad that you wish to.

What are the different categories that you can access on Los Angeles Craigslist?

A few of the categories that you can come across on Craigslist include the following-

  1. Community
  2. Housing
  3. Jobs
  4. Services
  5. For sale
  6. Gigs
  7. Discussion forums

Craigslist Los Angeles 

There are a few sections on the website that help you navigate through the website of Craigslist Los Angeles. They are as follows-

  1. Help
  2. FAQs section
  3. Legal terms and conditions
  4. Personal safety tips
  5. Avoid scams and fraud

There is also a calendar that will help you decide the date when you prefer to post an ad. The categories in which you can post ads are exhaustive.

Interesting facts about Craigslist

You should be informed about certain facts related to Craigslist. These are as follows-

  1. In the context of its content policies, as of 2012, mashup websites like and were using the data from Craigslist to enhance their search filters. However, in June 2012, the company altered the policies related to its content and disallowed such practices.
  2. In December 2019, the company introduced its Android and iOS platform.
  3. Although this write-up deals with Craigslist Los Angeles, in 2005, San Francisco Craigslist’s section that said “men seeking men” were sexual encounters. It was the second most prominent cause of the breakout of syphilis infection. After that, as per pressures from San Francisco Department of Public Health officials, Kim Buckmaster was forced to say that since the staff is limited, it was the prerogative of the public to police themselves. Since then, the website has included links to sites for STD forums and San Francisco City Clinic.
  4. In March 2018, the company stopped its “Personals” section in the United States. It was in response to SESTA or the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act. It removes the Section 230 safe harbors that were known to be engaging in illegal sex trafficking.

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