Adobe Podcast: Everything You Need to Know

Adobe podcast is not a podcast at all. It is a suite of tools that enable creators to produce and edit podcasts utilizing artificial intelligence. You can use Adobe Podcast best if you are a newbie or a seasoned podcaster.

Adobe Podcast: What is It?

Adobe Podcast is a personal digital podcasting studio. This web-based platform was designed to enable its users to create and edit high-quality audio content. This tool can boost sound, eliminate echoes, and clean up the background to make the output more professional. 

It utilizes Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) for post-production editing. Using this tool, you also have the option to record interviews with crystal-clear quality remotely. This makes the whole job very easy for you.

What are the Key Features?

Adobe Podcast has various features and functionalities. Each of these features is unique and distinct. Some of these features are described below.

AI-Powered Audio

It lets you remove background noise from an audio clip and sharpen the voice frequencies to improve the audio quality. This allows you to produce professional-level audio quality without spending money on costly microphones. 

AI-Powered Editing

Using the GenAI technology of Adobe Podcast, you can effectively transcribe recordings. This is how the whole editing work becomes super easy for you. 

Enhance Audio

You need not worry about poor microphone quality or background noise while using Adobe Podcast. Adobe audio enhancer can remove all the echoes, remove background noise, and enhance your voice to take the audio to a professional level.

Remote Recording

This feature of Adobe Podcast allows you to record audio remotely. You can be far away and still record interviews with guests remotely. Despite recording remotely, the high quality of the audio is always maintained. 

Studio in the Cloud

Adobe Podcast acts as a Cloud Studio. All the tools and features available there are accessible online. You do not need to download any software; everything is available online. 

Project Temples

Adobe Podcast offers different pre-built project templates. You will find everything here, whether you are looking for music beds, outros, or intros. 

Mic Check

This feature of Adobe Podcast enables you to find and resolve any audio issues before recording any interview or podcast. 

Royalty-Free Music

This Adobe Podcast tool has royalty-free music tracks that you can access according to your needs and preferences. 

Get Rid of Volume Fluctuations

One of the best uses of this audio tool is that it lets you eliminate volume fluctuations in podcasting audio. Say goodbye to scrambling to adjust volume levels for different sections or speakers of a podcast. The enhancer feature effectively balances the volume levels, ensuring clarity and consistency in the finished podcast. Using the feature Adobe Audio Enhance makes your job efficient. 

Transcription Magic

If you struggle with editing audio waveforms, its built-in transcription tool can significantly help. This tool transforms the audio recording into a text document, enabling you to effectively copy, paste, and edit the file with the familiarity of a word processor. You can also make the best use of Adobe Voice Enhancer.

Multitasking Editing

If you want more power as a creator, use this podcast tool. It comes with multitrack editing capabilities. Using this, you can effectively layer various audio elements, such as sound effects, voice recordings, Adobe enhancer, and intro music, on different tracks for precious control over the finished product. 

How to Use It?

Follow this step-by-step method to use Adobe Podcast to record an interview, edit, or produce a specific podcast audio.

Get Set Up

Visit the official website and log in using your account. If you do not have an Adobe account, you must create one by registering there. 

Start a New Project

You will see an option called ‘New Project,’ and you need to click on it. Then, you must create a catchy title for your podcast. 

Record the Audio

Now, you can start recording the audio using the microphone. You also have the option of uploading pre-recorded audio files. If you wish to check whether or not your audio quality is good enough, use the mic check feature. 

Enhance the Audio

If you think your audio needs to be enhanced, you should use the ‘Enhance Speech’ feature. This is where Adobe Podcast’s AI magic steps in. It eliminates echoes, removes background noise, and boosts your voice to make it professional. 

Edit the Podcast

You can also edit your podcast using the Adobe Podcast tool. AI-powered editing excels in this regard. The transcript allows you to do many things, like adding intros/outros, or music, rearranging segments, removing or adding sections, etc. 

Guest Interviews

Do you need to record interviews remotely? You can invite your guests to join the project remotely, and then the tool can record a crystal-clear conversation. This makes the whole thing easy and effective. 

Finalize and Share

After producing the final podcast output, you can download the finished audio file in different formats according to your preference and share it with others. 

When is it Worth using Adobe Podcast?

There are many instances when this audio tool would be best for you. This tool allows you to edit or produce podcasts from the browser. It is usually appropriate for recording podcasts. 

If you are new to podcasting and need a podcast video for recording, then using this tool would be most beneficial. Moreover, if you are on a tight budget, use this podcasting AI tool. But there are better tools for recording longer podcasts. 

Adobe: Free vs. Paid Plans

If you wish to use this AI tool for some basic stuff, use its free plan. This plan includes features like Enhance Speech, Mic Check, etc. If you want to make podcast episodes that are less than half an hour, then using its free plan would suffice for you. 

But if you need this product for advanced use or want to publish weekly video or audio podcasts, it is better to opt for its paid plan, Express Premium. This plan comes with expanded features and functionalities. The subscription price starts at $9.99. Before taking the subscription, you can opt for a 30-day free trial. You get an Adobe speech enhancement feature with the paid plan. 

Alternatives to Adobe Podcast

There are several good alternatives to this AI audio tool. You can thus use any of these AI tools as you prefer. 

Adobe Audition

Using Adobe Audition will be great for you. It helps you to enhance your audio files effectively. But it is not free. You must take advantage of its subscription plan, which lets you enjoy several features and functionalities. 

This tool lets you reduce background noise and repair damaged files according to your needs and preferences. However, navigating it is difficult and inappropriate for a novice. 


Audacity is an excellent audio tool that lets you do so many things. This is compatible with all the OS like Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Moreover, you can integrate this tool with so many other third-party plugins.

Whisper Transcription, NVIDIA Broadcast, and Noise Suppression are some of the AI plugins that can be used with this tool. 


Adobe Podcast is a fantastic podcasting AI tool that lets you do many things. It ensures functionality and accessibility. This tool is so user-friendly that users with no prior knowledge of audio editing can use it effectively. 

This tool uses AI to automate and sort things. Whether you want to remove audio noise or remove background sound, using this AI tool will be highly beneficial. 

Features like Mic Check and Studio are handy when editing your audio file. The quality of the finished output also depends on the creators’ expertise. 


How Does Adobe Podcast Benefit its Users?

This podcast AI tool benefits its users in many ways. Users can create and edit podcasts to make a professional-level finished product. Its AI technology simplifies the editing process, effectively improving audio quality. 

Is It Free?

The free basic plan includes essential features like limiting recording and editing features. But if you wish to use all its features and functionalities, opt for the paid plan. This paid plan lets you do many other amazing things with podcast audio. 

Do the users need to have any prior experience using this tool?

Nope, this tool is very user-friendly for creators of all experience levels. The intuitive interface and AI-powered editing make it easy and efficient for beginners to work on it. 

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